Laser pocket reduction is a periodontal treatment that works to improve your health and help manage gum disease. Pocket reduction, also known as flap surgery or gingivectomy, works by eliminating harmful bacteria and reducing inflammation in your gums. This halts the spread of the disease and prevents further loss of gum and bone tissue as well as tooth loss. Pocket reduction treatment also improves your ability to care for your oral health at home.

When you receive this treatment, our dentist will use a dental laser to perform your procedure. Lasers have the benefit of giving you a more comfortable and hygienic treatment as well as care that is highly effective. We will begin by administering an anesthetic to ensure your comfort and then gently pull back your gums before using the laser to remove bacteria and calculus. Antibiotics will also be provided to kill any remaining bacteria and help your gums heal after they are placed back into their proper positions.

You may experience an increase in gum and tooth sensitivity after your pocket reduction procedure. This sensitivity should subside shortly, and you can expect to see improvement in the health of your gums within a few weeks as you continue to heal and recover.

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