What Is Tartar And Why Is It A Concern?

What is tartar? Tartar is referred to as the collective mass of dangerous germs and bacteria that are present in the mouth. This mass forms a hard coating that attaches itself to the surface of the teeth and underneath the gum line. Tartar appears like a creamy substance, and is formed from plaque on the teeth.  Plaque covers the surface of the teeth, and then the bacteria and germs continue eating the teeth enamel until reaching the dentine. Why is tartar a concern? Tartar becomes problematic because even if you practice proper dental hygiene, there is always the presence of bacteria and germs in your mouth.  After you eat, the food particles left over stimulate the formation of a sticky coating around the teeth surfaces.  Patients need to brush and floss regularly to prevent plaque and tartar from building up. Plaque can be very harmful to teeth. With every bite you take, the bacterium is secreting acids that result in the damaging of teeth enamel. When the tooth enamel is destroyed, the tooth is more prone to cavities. Continued release of acids makes the gums suffer inflammation and infections. Tartar can be controlled with proper hygiene practices to remove the plaque. This will help prevent the patient from the distress of tooth decay. It only takes about 24 hours for the tartar to accumulate and harden!  Once it hardens it becomes very difficult to get rid of it. This is one of the reasons people are urged to brush their teeth at least twice per day and floss them daily. An easy way to detect and remove tartar is by visiting a dentist. Once the tartar has formed, it can only be removed by a dentist through a process called scaling.  Special equipment is designed for scaling to remove tartar on the surface and gum line of a tooth. Dr. Peter Hazim can alleviate the tartar formation problem you may be experiencing. Please call us at (972) 727-5599.  We are located at 105 N. Alma Drive, Suite 100 in Allen, Texas.

Dr. Hazim is a member of the American Dental Association and the Texas Dental Association. A graduate of Loyola University, Dr. Hazim has undergone continuing education at the Pankey Institute and has received accreditation from the Western Regional Examining Board.

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