Should I Use Mouthwash Every Day

Dental researches have indicated many significant trends towards a regular mouthwash treatment for dry mouth syndrome. How Mouthwash is effective for dry mouth syndrome The effectiveness of a mouthwash will depend on the enzymes it contains, and more importantly, its ability to eliminate the bacteria responsible for bad breath that results from a dry mouth. Some of these products lack the capability of correcting the condition because they are made with ingredients that will only mask the halitosis. One should be cautious when purchasing mouthwash, as many will contain alcohol traces, eucalyptol or menthol that will give a temporary solution.  What a good mouthwash should do is completely oxygenate the mouth, as this will certainly get rid off the anaerobes in the mouth that are responsible for bad breath. Contents of a good mouthwash Zinc chloride– This metal compound induces destructive responses to the anaerobic organisms and bacteria, and as a result, it significantly reduces the excretion of sulfur components that cause bad breath. This compound, along with copper, is mixed with certain oils in the mouthwash to correct mouth dryness and halitosis. For effectiveness, these compounds should be regularly used; otherwise temporary usage will cause the return of bad breath. Xylitol– This is found in most fibers of fruits and veggies.  It is used in the production of products to prevent oral bacterial activities and caries. According to research, xylitol has significant oral hygiene benefits.  It assists in adding minerals into the saliva. It also helps to keep the mouth in an alkaline state.  In addition to preventing a dry mouth, xylitol nourishes the teeth enamel with calcium and phosphate compounds. Frequency of Mouthwash use Mouthwash can be used as often as necessary.  Some dentists recommend rinsing every three hours to control dry mouth. Dr. Peter Hazim can professionally clean your teeth and recommend an effective mouthwash to control dry mouth syndrome. Please call us at (972) 727-5599. We are conveniently located at 105 N. Alma Drive, Suite 100 in Allen, Texas.

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