Overall Health Linked To Dental Health

When people think of dental health, they may only think it relates to their teeth, gums and mouth. However, the quality of overall health is linked to dental health. A healthy mouth and gums is a good sign. A diseased mouth could also mean that other diseases lurk in the body. This is because the body’s blood system has a direct connection to the mouth and any problems there could show up in other places.   The mouth is full of bacteria which is mostly harmless. Daily brushing and flossing does a lot toward getting rid of the bacteria in the mouth. Sometimes the bacteria causes problems in the mouth like tooth decay and gum disease. There are some cases where dental treatment or medications add a further disturbance to bacterial balance and if that enters the blood stream problems could arise in other areas of the body which is why overall health is linked to dental health.   There are several conditions in the body that could be connected to dental health. Some of these diseases could be serious and it is why people should pay attention to the connection of overall health being linked to their dental health. Endocarditis, or inflammation of the heart lining, could be caused by bacteria entering the blood stream after oral surgery. This is a bigger problem for people who have weakened immune systems. Cardiovascular disease has been linked to a severe gum infection called periodontitis. Babies born to mothers with gum disease have been found to have lower birth weights. People with diabetes have more gum infections and have lose more teeth than people with regular blood sugar levels. Individuals with osteoporosis have more bone loss in the jaws and also lose more teeth than people without osteoporosis.   Since overall health is linked to dental health there are steps people can take to improve both at the same time. By practicing good oral hygiene every day, overall health as well as dental health can protected. Simple steps to protect your health are to brush your teeth at least twice a day. It is a good idea to brush after every meal but that is just not possible for some people. Also replacing your toothbrush every three to four months will keep your mouth healthier. Flossing is just as important as brushing and using a quality mouthwash will help. A healthy diet and regular dental checkups are also important tools for good dental health.

Dr. Hazim is a member of the American Dental Association and the Texas Dental Association. A graduate of Loyola University, Dr. Hazim has undergone continuing education at the Pankey Institute and has received accreditation from the Western Regional Examining Board.

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