My Child Lost a Tooth While Swimming – Can it be Put Back In?

When a child loses a tooth, it’s typically an exciting milestone greeted with smiles and maybe a visit from the tooth fairy. But if your child unexpectedly loses a tooth while swimming or participating in other activities, you might wonder if the tooth can be put back in. The answer depends on a number of important factors including the type of tooth, how it was knocked out, and more. If your child has lost a baby (primary) tooth, replacing it isn’t an option because over time the permanent tooth will take its place. Of course, if it’s damaged or chipped, it could have sharp edges or have future issues. In this situation, you should contact your dentist right away. The circumstances are much different if your child lost a permanent tooth. How was the tooth lost? What condition is it in? If the tooth is loosely attached or if it came out by the roots and you’ve found it, there’s a chance that it can indeed be put back in. If your child’s tooth is loose but not completely out, a type of splint might be used to help hold it in place until the roots reset themselves. If the tooth was broken and only part of it came out, other options such as tooth reshaping or even a crown might be possibilities. Implants and partial dentures are other choices. If your regular dentist cannot see your child right away, make a visit to an emergency dentist. The key is to get your child and the tooth to a dentist quickly; he or she can determine what options you have.

Dr. Hazim is a member of the American Dental Association and the Texas Dental Association. A graduate of Loyola University, Dr. Hazim has undergone continuing education at the Pankey Institute and has received accreditation from the Western Regional Examining Board.

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