How Often Should I Schedule a Dental Checkup? – Regular Care

Your mouth has a huge impact on many aspects of your general health. Most people don’t realize that poor oral care can lead to infections that can spread to other parts of the body. Your smile influences your self-esteem as well, and keeping it looking great is important. Dental care matters. While daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing are important, you should take the time to have regular dental checkups at your dentist’s office. These checkups are important for deep cleaning and for the identification of potential problems, as well as the prevention of long term, large scale issues. How often someone should visit his or her dentist is something that can vary greatly from person to person and from situation to situation. The basic rule of thumb is that you should have a dental checkup twice a year. Checking in with your dentist every six months is a good thing to do; doing so can help ensure that you are not dealing with any major dental problems and that you’re properly caring for your teeth and gums. If problems are developing, your dentist will notice them and proactively treat them against becoming large scale issues; the simple act of getting a deep teeth cleaning from the dentist will help prevent such problems even more. However, in some cases a person might need dental checkups more often. That’s because a regular checkup is intended for the average person. If you’ve had dental issues recently or have noticed problems with your teeth or gums, you may need to visit a dentist more frequently than other people. In some cases the months following a given operation include more regular dental appointments than a patient is used to. Such cases include procedures like implants or crowns. It is up to your dentist to decide how frequent your visits should be; it is important to follow his or her advice. Regardless of your situation, visiting your dentist for regular checkups is a good thing to do. You’ll receive preventative and curative care along with the identification of any potential issues; these advantages of regular dental visits make them worthwhile. A good rule of thumb is to schedule an appointment every six months but don’t ignore your dentist’s advice if he or she suggests more frequent visits due to recent dental work or because of potential problems with your oral health. Your dentist has your best interest in mind when making such suggestions.

Dr. Hazim is a member of the American Dental Association and the Texas Dental Association. A graduate of Loyola University, Dr. Hazim has undergone continuing education at the Pankey Institute and has received accreditation from the Western Regional Examining Board.

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