Does My Kid Have An Abscessed Tooth?

Children are sometimes more prone to dental and other health conditions because their immune systems are not fully developed. Cases of abscessed teeth are very common in children. In fact, the severity of this condition is more severe in grownups, but the chances of an abscess occurring are slightly less. Teeth abscesses are infections that occur deep within the gums and the surrounding tissues. Causes of abscessed teeth Abscesses are caused by other dental conditions in children. Dentists have associated it with untreated cavities and the unfortunate cases of tooth breakage. Just what are the indicators of an abscess in kids? Here are some possible causes.
  • The occurrence of cavities in children’s teeth is perhaps the major cause of abscessed teeth. This happens in the advanced stages of the tooth cavity referred to as gingivitis whereby the tooth becomes almost completely rotten.
  • As before mentioned, failure to maintain dental hygiene in children is a major contributor of abscesses. Neglecting simple hygiene like brushing teeth after every meal and avoiding sugary foods and drinks can be a promoter of an abscessed tooth.
  • Oral bacteria forms in untreated cavities. The bacteria lodge in the cavities and start to attack the tooth and soft gum tissue. Eventually, the bone, the tooth root, and the surrounding tissues become completely infected and the tooth lacks nourishment, which results in rapid rotting.
Symptoms of abscesses in kids
  • The child can start experiencing severe fever, vomiting, chills and nausea
  • Increased sensitivity of the child’s tooth to cold and hot substances
  • Persistent toothache when the child’s tooth is slightly disturbed, especially when eating
  • Occurrence of cavities in a kid’s tooth
  • Cases of reddening, swelling and throbbing pain of the facial tissues and in the mouth of the child
  • A child may show some raised bumps on the neck, the armpits and the groin
  • Occurrence of swollen and abnormally tender lymph nodes on the neck or the jaw of the child
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