Your child’s smile is precious. A pleasant dental experience at an early age fosters a lifetime of healthy dental habits. We appreciate the opportunity to address your child’s dental needs and make a positive, lasting impression.

Bring your child for a visit at three years of age, or before if you notice problems. During a gentle exam in a soothing environment, Dr. Hazim will check for proper dental development, assess tooth and bite alignment, and look for tooth decay.

Children with bite issues and misaligned permanent teeth may benefit from braces. In this instance, Dr. Hazim will refer you a trusted colleague specializing in orthodontics. If necessary, Dr. Hazim may also refer your child to a pedodontist (children’s dentist) for issues requiring specialized treatment.

To protect young teeth from decay, Dr. Hazim recommends dental sealants and fluoride treatments. A dental sealant is a thin plastic film that adheres to chewing surfaces and thwarts the development of bacteria, decay, and plaque. The ADA recognizes dental sealants as a key component in preventing cavities. Another potent weapon in the fight against cavities is fluoride. If your children drink bottled water instead of tap water, they may not be getting the fluoride they need. Dr. Hazim can apply a fluoride to your child’s teeth to guard against decay. Areas of demineralization, the first stage of tooth decay, absorb fluoride and attract other minerals, such as calcium. The result is a strong, healthy tooth.

Is your child an athlete? For children active in sports, Dr. Hazim recommends custom-fitted mouthguards to prevent injury and keep smiles safe! Learn more about mouthguards here.

Start your child on the road to good dental hygiene today. Call our Allen dental office to schedule a checkup with Dr. Hazim. Our patients come from Frisco, McKinney, Fairview, and surrounding areas for quality, family dental care in an inviting atmosphere.