Bad breath, called halitosis, can wreck your social and professional relationships and shatter your confidence. Mints and mouthwash mask the odor but don’t eliminate it. Dr. Hazim offers advice about breath treatments to stop odor and restore your self-esteem. Bad breath has many causes, including poor brushing and flossing habits, gum disease, tooth decay, and ill-fitting dentures and partials. Even stress, dieting, and hormonal changes can trigger bad breath.

A comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums, and tongue will help Dr. Hazim identify the source of your bad breath. Once he determines the cause, we’ll recommend treatment options to eradicate it. A deep cleaning by one of our skilled hygienists, along with proper brushing and flossing techniques, may cure the problem. If gum disease or ill-fitting dentures or partials are contributing to breath odor, Dr. Hazim will customize a treatment plan to restore your fresh breath. Some patients benefit from breath treatment products specially formulated to wipe out bad breath. Rest assured that, whatever its cause, bad breath can be treated and eliminated.

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