Allen Family Dentistry

It’s hard to argue with the convenience of a family dentist. Many dentists restrict the age groups they are willing (and trained) to treat. Some only treat children; these are called pedodontists. Some refuse to see children and focus on adults only. Finding a dentist that is great for your whole family is fantastic. This means that when your children grow there will be no disruption in their oral health care. When they turn sixteen or eighteen and pedodontist will not treat them anymore, many young people stop going to the dentist altogether because of anxiety over finding a new dentist. Family dentistry offers continuity and convenience.
However, some family dentists only focus on preventative dentistry. They make sure you come in for routine checkups, instruct you and your children on regular care of your teeth, clean plaque buildup, and treat any cavities. When you find a family dentistry practice where the dentist also offers restorative and cosmetic dentistry options, you can get all your dental needs cared for in one place. As you grow older, you may have more problems with teeth that need more advanced treatments or restorations. Teens may experience accidents that can damage teeth. A great family dentist can help to restore your child’s precious smile.
With so many horror stories out there about bad dentists, once you find the one you trust, it’s hard to try someone new. Family dentistry with preventative, restorative, and cosmetic services offers you peace of mind. Dental practices gentle enough for children applied to you as an adult as well. You can relax at the dentist’s office again. If you want to improve your smile, talk to Dr. Hazim about smile makeovers, whitening processes, repairing chipped or damaged teeth, replacing missing teeth, and more.
Our family dentistry office is child and adult friendly with friendly staff members who strive to make you feel at ease and informed. They go out of their way to make sure you understand procedures before they are performed. Pain is minimized through a dedication to staying current on the latest technologies. Find out what other families have to say about the family dentist you are considering on review sites like Yahoo! Local. You can type in the dentist’s name and location and see what actual patients thought about their experiences at the dental practice. See if a dentist allows you to bring children along when you visit the dentist to help them become comfortable. Family friendly dentistry can be a good fit for everyone.

Dr. Hazim is a member of the American Dental Association and the Texas Dental Association. A graduate of Loyola University, Dr. Hazim has undergone continuing education at the Pankey Institute and has received accreditation from the Western Regional Examining Board.

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